An American Dream

Somewhere on the road

Fragile on the road
Blown by the plains
Happy under the oaks
America loves me

Indians dance in my mind
They run next to
My wandering dreams
Dormant and immortal
In the Big plains’ snow

Bold Cow Boys
Discover in the stones
A land they make theirs
A land they love
Bold Cow Boys
Praise their freedom
Closer to the ocean
in this dry land’s heart
In front of the heights

Fed by the swell
From rain to snow
From wind to storm
From forests to desert
America loves me

And I love America

Fascinated Moved Transformed
I don’t know who I adore
I don’t know where to settle
My cheerful wandering
My amazement

But I love America and America loves me as well

Healy, december 31st 2019