Manifest : Creating inner, moving and artistic journeys

Writing is in an inner and frozen travel. Travel is a moving and endless writing. Both intertwine, inseparable and indefinable, in my personal story. They are multifaceted. They are multilingual. They create here a journey.

Writing is a festival. Travel is an art. Both, invisible and indivisible, fuels my soul and heart. They are private. They are secret. They grow fredoom in my life.

I will try then to break their incomplete, partial and arbitrary definitions. Writing and travel are all this for me. And more unspoken words.

Truly, here and now, I don’t want to give them limits through my own dictonary’s definition, even invented and sensitive. Truly, here and now, I want those two inspirations to argue out of my mind, even if they do through my own sensations, in order to travel us somehere in between imagination and our worlds. Truly, here and now, I want those two aspirations to coexist, independent and free, in this virtual space I set for them according to a new paradigm.

Fleeting Wor(l)ds meant to be explored in and out.

Fleeting Wor(l)ds meaning to be writing on a side road sign or a globe dot.

Fleeting Wor(l)ds meant to be thrilled by a word, a picture, a feeling, an instant, a quest or a landscape.

Opinion Column #2

National Stateless Tonight, as I was about to sink into some American readings, I was suddenly striken by the 14th of July’s familiar fireworks’ sounds. I thought Covid would have deserted night sky from its annual colors, it then took me by surprised. Without thinking twice, I jumped under my raincoat to be part of…

The Wanderer above the sea of fog

To Selene. After a heatwaved Saturday, Sunday was grey. The kind of mid-grey leaning towards white and which you wouldn’t know if it’s going to color the entire day or only a fleeting and uncertain morning. The previous day’s suffocating atmosphere had simmered down, the night’s humidity lingered; or was it only a countryside’s privilege?…

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