Travel and gaze at the foggy sea

…Take a pencil, a keyboard, a notebook, a paper towel, whatever is in your hand in that febrile moment when you draw, intimately and instantly, what moves you when you leave… No, not leaving. When you go, from one place to another. When your soul takes roots or explodes. Or both. And finds its silences, the detours of who you are, fleeting, mutable and endless in the winds. And takes the freedom to be blue of the wild sea one day and red of the dry earth the next.
…Take a pen-holder, a Minitel, a scroll, a kitchen towel, what is trendy or your desire, and tell you, me, us, those sparks transforming us, those realities hurting us, those heights transcending us, those butterflies transmuting us.
…Take a pen, a typewriter, a diary, a bath towel, what is as quick as your mind and sing in a few words, in a brief sentence, worlds hidden in a tree, a person, an ocean or an isle… Those places piercing you, yours only for a fleeting moment because your backpack or your whole soul decide to settle there. For one second. For an entire life.

Or at least try…

Wanderer above the sea of fog, Caspar David Friedrich

To my English readers
I must warn you that the English version of the blog will be a bit behind for a while. I have lots of French material to translate and because my upcoming travels will be more intense, if the present will always be in time, past will take a bit longer to rebuild on my white screen and it might be quite messy for a little while. I hope you will understand and enjoy nonetheless… Justine

Unexpected Immobility #4

[01/06/2021]”When clouds tell us stories”

Just the one won’t hurt, I will be short I believe…
First, I must confess, I didn’t even plan to write! It is wishes times, I know, but really, I didn’t know what to say… And then, wandering on the travel blogosphere, I saw everybody’s 2020 records – because we know it, this year definitely put our travels out of perspectives. Put US out of perspective actually! – and I thought I should make an appearance (because I do lack of this too nowadays!)…

I already know what you are thinking: if you have nothing to say, don’t write about nothing please!
Rest assured, I believe I have some to share. A little. For the beauty of the act. For the love of poetry. For the durability of hope.
In reality, I did like anybody else during those last few days: records for 2020 and wishes for 2021. And I was the first surprised of my conclusions! Because who would think 2020 – that bitch who stole all my further explorations – would leave me such a sweet and hopeful taste…

2020 actually offered me a precious gift, it made me do what I had been half doing lately: reconnect to my roots – in every meaning of the word! – ; better, 2020 allowed me to practically make peace with them. I had already done some weeding and plant some seeds in Canada last last year (2019 if I may!), but it was only theory so far from home and beloved ones. I – or more accurately : the quarantine – put a bit of reality into philosophy in order to make it material and true. I speak with metaphors and you might not get where do I drift, it doesn’t matter! What I want you to hear is that: 2020 has taught me two alien concepts, resilience and gentleness. I might have understood resilience through my journey but it inevitably came with a lot of kicks in the heart… Not anymore though, and I sincerely hope for you either.

For someone who wanted to be short, I do take my time, don’t I !

What I actually want to say is this: in the end, like any previous year, 2020 took me by surprise and offered me – us – experiences I hadn’t planed. I was going to travel the Earth in order to both flee and understand myself and I traveled my head in order to both flee and comprehend the world. I was going to Cathar Land like a stranger and my backpack seems to linger. I was going to Rome like a holiday and I came back with a new vision of life.

Then, yes, 2020 bullied our world’s foundations, but wasn’t the world collapsing before? But was that world really the one we wanted? Then yes, 2020 bullied our world’s foundations, my being’s structures, after-tomorrow’s impossibles, and I tell you, 2020 gave me hope for tomorrow, 2020 has prepared me for 2021. And now, I am ready! I am ready to undo 2020 in order to build 2021! I am ready for one and many opportunities, I am ready for new, I am ready for life!

And I solemnly swear I won’t make any promises for 2021, not for myself, nor for you – trusted readers-, nor for my beloved ones, because I don’t have a fucking clue of what 2021 is cooking for us! However, I unconditionally wish you peace, freedom and love, because there is never too much of it and 2020 definitely stole those from us!

And because when we don’t look, clouds tell us story we don’t know for tomorrow…

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    I therefore (almost) kept the best for the end…! Planned for Fall equinox, then Spring, the mystical End of the World’s mount kept escaping to my wandering because of bad weather or lack of time. Thus, I chose another extraordinary day – May’s Lunar eclipse – to balance my poles reversing the Earth’s by hiking the PECH DU BUGARACH … More Bugarach’s miracle

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