North of the World

West Fjords

Endless day
With no morning nor night
Endless day
of timeless sun
of invisible moon
It is Pole’s laws
extremes attract love
but never blend
Too far too close
Sun vanishes on water’s edge
appears on earth’s edge
in the same minute like the
Irish Mac Og’s* conception
North of the World
puts its flamboyant
for the only night of the year
North of the World
doesn’t count time’s hours
for the longest day
North of the World is a never ending solstice
of Night
of Sun
depending on the season

Flatey Island, 6/08/19

* Mac Og, « the young son » in Irish, Irish God who was conceived the same day he was born because Dagda, his father and the God of all gods, turned his nine months’ procreation in one and only night.