As Minerve turns into Félines

I almost fail this post The nothing overruling me, my inspiration is gone But then Minerve rises But then her wisdom strikes And Minerve turns into Félines I almost bury this post I now give it a new name Since Aphrodite has joined My accidental keyboard And Minerve turns into Félines … More As Minerve turns into Félines

Bugarach’s miracle

I therefore (almost) kept the best for the end…! Planned for Fall equinox, then Spring, the mystical End of the World’s mount kept escaping to my wandering because of bad weather or lack of time. Thus, I chose another extraordinary day – May’s Lunar eclipse – to balance my poles reversing the Earth’s by hiking the PECH DU BUGARACH … More Bugarach’s miracle

Opinion Column #1

MISSING OTHERS – This morning, I started watching a Netflix Tv Show, one I had missed out until then – although there have been plenty of time to watch TV Show for a year! – and here I am, a few hours later, writing a column completely out of the blue. Nothing to do with travel but everything to do with life and worlds going through you … More Opinion Column #1

The quiet Rennes

Thus, after a seasonal break and despite a quick encounter during lazy snoozing summer days, I finally and better met the middle queen, quieter and loving ; the one who bonds mounts to waters, who meanders from Rennes Le Château to Galamus stoping by Bugarach : RENNES LES BAINS … More The quiet Rennes